Between Worlds – A Rare Combination of Poetry & Music 


‘Between Worlds’ is an offbeat, unusual project which uses the combination of music and some great recitation to create a huge impact on the listeners.  The magical vocal sound of Ilze Starina, the talented and lively performer from Latvia has infused an unusual magical quality to the album.

There is no disputing the fact that poetry and music regardless of their origin is timeless in character. Good music, irrespective of its source has always met with universal acceptance. The album Between Worlds falls in that genre. Connoisseurs of good music who love the great and timeless poetry of such greats like W.Shakespeare, N. Gumilev, K.Balmont, A. Block and A. Ahmatove among others will definitely love this wonderful album.

The words of these famous writers are already immortalized in space and time. Ilza Starina has succeeded immensely in combining poetry with music and presenting the works of these eminent personalities in a totally different, enchanting way with her talented rendition and emotional performance. The composition is done by the famous Latvian musician Gulan, known for his different musical style and use of a completely unusual variety of electronic sound base. The music is deep and emotional and has the power to melt world borders and human barriers.

There are ten poetic compositions in the album all performed in Russian. The track list is:

  • A star is burning
  • Between Worlds
  • God Created the World
  • Solitude
  • Sonnet
  • Giraffe
  • All of existence
  • So this is Death!
  • The Life is Fraud &
  • The Universe is me.

The album runs for a total of 26 minutes and is directed by Latvian director Tatyana Klimane.

The album is unique in its presentation of poems and uses the entrancing style of meditation, electronic and space music. This new age music is sure to catch the imagination of a worldwide audience because of its distinctiveness and inspiring subtlety.  The album has that defining quality to melt differences and take us closer to that feeling of oneness. The music is heavenly and there is magic in verse of those evergreen writers whose works have been used to create magic by the composers.

The album makes optimum use of poetry and music. The eternal words of the poets in the album are set to some superb sound vibrations. They have the magical powers to create deep internal harmony in the hearts of the music lovers.

This unusual project has a rare and timeless appeal which is sure to spur the imagination of music lovers regardless of national boundaries and music preferences. The track list has some truly amazing and inspirational compositions that empowers the mind and creates a feeling of love and passion.

It is widely believed that good music can cause great harmonic vibrations. Between Worlds is an album that is a rarity in today’s music world. The power of this type of compositions which combine recitation and music in its purest form has the magical quality to cause meditative experiences and release the mind from superfluous thoughts.

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